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Self-paced, multi-unit modules centered on maple syrup history, science & technology, and culture. Designed for k-8 classrooms, homeschools and virtual learners.


Designed for primary to intermediate students with adaptable lessons and classroom activities focusing on outdoor appreciation, critical thinking and sustainability.

Curriculum links

Ontario-based modules include videos, Google Slide classroom discussion presentations and printable independent/group activities. These modules are suitable for virtual or in-person learning and align with the Ontario Curriculum objectives in multiple strands!


These modules are free and come with downloads, videos and classroom activities!

Red Leaves

The history of maple syrup
(origins to present day)

Overview of the historical significance of maple syrup and developments in technology.


Tapping for maple syrup

How to tap for maple sap at home and on a maple syrup farm.

round syrup 3.JPG

Boiling it down
(making maple syrup)

How maple syrup is made using science and technology with basic and advanced equipment

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